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October, 31 2019

Bridging the Expertise Gap: Where Technology Fits

system design System Integrators innovation Customer Experience efficiency intelligent system design Expertise Gap

“Believing there is a bridge from where you are to where you want to go is 99% of the battle. The other 1% is to cross it.” This quote from business author Richie Norton depicts the first step of the [...] Read More

September, 23 2019

Avoid a Two-Step Site Survey Process—And Live It Up!

system design System Integrators innovation Customer Experience Success efficiency intelligent system design

The Texas Two Step is a classic dance that people enjoy in dancehalls across the country. While repeating the same move for the entirety of a song is enjoyable, having to repeat everything you do at w[...] Read More

August, 19 2019

System Integration’s Troubling Game of Telephone

security technologies system design System Integrators innovation Customer Experience Success

Whether or not the troubling game of telephone is familiar, the story behind it applies to all system integrators in today’s business. It is so easy for crucial information to get caught up in the fra[...] Read More

July, 25 2019

System Integration’s Needle in the Haystack

Design Tools system design System design tool System Integrators The cloud integration innovation

The human brain is only able to organize and remember so much. Between family life, work life, social life, and basic daily functions, the human brain begins to lose track. When it comes to work proje[...] Read More

June, 27 2019

The Evolution of the Site Survey

IoT system design integration innovation site survey Evolution of site survey

The art of the survey has been improving for thousands of years. Throughout history, people have utilized the tools around them to capture precise measurements, map out territory, and set up complex s[...] Read More

June, 12 2019

The Best of the Worst: Ugliest Site Survey Contest                   (Enter to Win a New iPad!)

System Surveyor Ugly Site Survey Contest Contest

We’ve all been there: you need to document something but don’t have the ideal resources, so you grab a pen and whatever is closest to you and start scribbling. But when the information that needs docu[...] Read More

June, 04 2019

System Surveyor Wins 2019 ESX Innovation Award

Award Awards press release Press Releases System design tool innovation

Indianapolis, IN, June 4, 2019 – Electronic Security Expo announced the 2019 winners of its Innovation Award.  Read More

May, 28 2019

Do You Have "Customers" or "Raving Fans"? Learn the Difference for Business Value

case study Service Business Success Customer Experience

What's a business without its customers? Although it's tempting to believe that the company’s product and its business operations are the key to profits, it is crucial to remember that a business woul[...] Read More

May, 02 2019

4 Benefits of Becoming Standardized and Systematic

Design Tools security technologies System design tool system integrator integration standardized systematic

Imagine if every iPhone had a different, individualized phone charger. The chaos, confusion and frustration that would accompany this scenario was easily avoided by Apple’s strategic use of standardiz[...] Read More

April, 30 2019

How a Poorly Run Site Survey Creates a Domino Effect

Security Industry Trends security technologies system design System Integrators innovation

Having an efficient and effective means of creating a site survey can be the difference between a well-executed project and a bad experience for everyone involved. As SDM Magazine put it, “Networks ha[...] Read More